The Raasal-Tinnen is the primary religious body in Gurvaan. Its holy men are the Dhalla (both plural and singular), or priests, who conduct the main business of the temple throughout the land, through the offices of local temples. The local elder Dhalla has acolytes who he trains, one of which may succeed him and become the new Dhalla, or they can train at the Maktaa, though it is uncommon.

The Merihem are the upper caste of Dhalla, given executive authority, and are taught the more esoteric aspects of the healing craft. They are exclusively graduates of the Maktaa, the temple seminary in the capital city of Avigal. They often oversee matters of state (such as the Brood Day acquisition of young dragons for the military). Most Ministers in the political bodies are Merihem first. Thus the various Ministries fall under the control of the Temple. When a Minister of Farms comes to visit your homestead, for example, the Temple is visiting you as well. The term “Ministry” therefore, while nominally a political term, has come to have Temple overtones as well.